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Egypt - Qesm Saint Katrin

        Dahab & Blue Lagoon




    Travel information


  • Travel time between September & June

  • Single & group booking possible

  • 4 bis 10 persons

  • 10 - 14 Days

  • minimum Age 18 years

  • Appartement in Dahab for the entire stay

  • 3 - 5 Days staying in the Blue lagoon at our Spiritsurfcenter inkl.Breakfast & Dinner

  • Dive & Outdoortours optional on site at our partners possible

  • You are in possession of a minimum of 6 months valid passport from departure

  • 5 copies of the passport

  • all packages incl. SUP & snorkeling equipment as well as all transfers, accommodation and partial catering  

  • Windsurf / Kitesurf lessons from beginner to professional

  • Windsurf / kite equipment from our large pool is available at all times

  • all packages exkl. flights but we help you to find the best and easiest possibility



Far away from hotel giants and tourist strongholds, get to know the country and its people, eat together with them, exchange ideas and thus eliminate one or the other prejudice.

Experience the uniqueness of the country and by boat across the Red Sea, by jeep through the Desert Sinais or with the camel along the beach to reach the places where land and nature itself show of his truly beautiful side.


Experience the true, almost forgetting lifestyle of water sports with a glass of tea by the campfire Windsurfing, kiting, snorkelling, diving or paddle in the most beautiful and lonely bays along the reef with the SUP.

Where else the big stars of the scene can train their moves before their competitions you can Practice under perfect conditions in the vast Shale area and learn from the professionals.

Through our licensed VDWS teachers we offer the possibility of having individual courses Beginners and advanced users and with a maximum of 10 people, the experience remains a special one and you can just indulge in all the influences and be part of the adventure.

All this not only ensures a unique holiday experience, but one also supports locally just the people who need it and live on it. They will serve you with a huge portion hospitality and unique insights into her life.

Turn your head off and give yourself to the adventure. Forget rush and stress and decide even, how you want to design your adventure.

Your accommodation for the entire period is an apartment in Dahab and during our stay In the lagoon you have bamboo huts or you can just relax under the stars.

The food is secured by the local residents (Beduins) in the lagoon and has the consequence that we get freshly caught fish,chicken,vegetables or enjoy warm traditional pastries.

We will also be able to pass through the diverse cuisine of the good restaurants in the village.
Look forward to a unique experience and an idyll in breathtaking Nature.

Bring back the perhaps forgotten feeling of freedom.

The spirit is safe
Life can be simple.



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