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   Travel information


  • Travel time between September & January

  • Minimum age 21 Years

  • single or group bookings possible

  • 4 - 10 Persons

  • Dive & Outdoortours optionally bookable on site

  • Accommodation in multi-bed Hut

  • min.6 months valid passport on departure

  • Packages including transfer from the airport

  • Packages but we can help you by finding the best possibility




The African answer to the Caribbean in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


Fine white sand beach, azure water and monkeys swing along the palm trees..


That's how we imagine paradise when we see the pictures on TV.


We can now happily tell you that we have found it, far away from mass tourism.


Almost like a lonely island, this part of Zanzibar, when you reach the beach through the jungle of palm trees and the fresh coconuts lie around.


Friendly Maasai cruising your way and watching the surfers, who surf in the huge shallow water bay or in the 1.5 km distant surf up and down or make a downwind tour along the miles of coastline.


The coast is peppered with isolated restaurants that are not visible from the outside, which reflect the culinary splendor (diversity) of Africa in every respect.

The accommodation, consisting of wrought wooden huts, hammocks and much more in the middle of the palm forest, shows the centuries-old tradition, which is as effective and easy to implement today and is the pride of the locals.

Hakuna Matata is not just a motto here but the real life you get used to quickly.

And when there is no wind blowing, you can relax and pass the time with fresh fruits and juices fresh from the tree.


Kitesurfing, snorkeling and diving are part of everyday life here, as well as fishing at low tide.

Even the windsurfer can let off steam here, because there is enough space.


That sounds like your taste? Then get your offer today!


Hakuna Mata!


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